wook who showed up in a random camera roll search 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

roasting my 20 year old sister is always unexpectedly hilarious. baby!

this was from only one week ago (taken last friday). they grow so quickly!

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my makeshift elbow saver esp now that i have to use a trackpad for work today...

for scale!!!

she hasn't touched them or the nest, the mom is still around and aware of her. we're all so excited for them to fly off one day very soon!

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getting high and reading bad takes on masto like:

selfie, no eye contact 

i upgraded everything and all this armor looks sexy asffffff. AND at this point in the game, she's fucked two women and that eagle is so badass whaaaattttt 🤯

420 sibling story 

my littlest sister smoked with me when she tried weed for the first time a few years ago and she insisted... INSISTED (as we have all done) that she wasn't high and kept smoking more until at some point she was singing 'work' by rihanna without missing a single word while headbanging with her massive top bun. and i was sitting there like

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