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Spearheading a Survey of Caste in South Asian Diasporas (link) 

Researched and written by: Valliammal Karunakaran, Asmita Pankaj, Thenmozhi Soundararajan, and Prathap Balakrishnan

Pay attention to who you read and listen to. Read and listen to Dalit voices. dave, deni wanted me to tell you she’s eating orange vanilla pancakes and they’re delish. and also: get fucked. 💕

i like the turquoise guitar with the pink quince dress. this song always gets stuck in my head for days when i listen to it lol.

i don’t care - angela muñoz

cas anwar (alex from sci-fi’s “the expanse”) called out for sexual abuse. tw: underage (reddit link) 

fuck him.

currently being investigated. the original thread is in this post:

sitting crossed legged on a swivel chair with my iconic bi shirt on for the third day in a row, along w a spa headband, a mask, and headphones while i drink perfectly proportioned coffee to my liking.

taurus bi energy ftw.

cheese take 

swiss is not good

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